Paris & Glenmorangie

We were delighted to be asked to be a part of the Global rebrand of the iconic Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Whisky in this fashion forward city alongside the Creative Directors and Parisian photographers. It was an absolute joy and pleasure to create the Signet Ice Cube for the project. Merci Beaucoup tout le monde.

Barcelona & Aberfeldy

These 24 Karat custom designed blocks were created for the European launch of Aberfeldy Golden Dram and we cant think of a more incredible city for the first of our International deliveries.

Michelle Obama

What can we say other than we were over the moon and seriously excited to have been asked to create our 24 karat Gold Leaf for the incredible Michelle Obama to enjoy with a Johnnie Walker Black Label cocktail. Very special ice for a very special Lady.

Diageo World Class

What’s not to love. The welcome drink at World Class this year – The Singleton, Soda and Barley Ice. The Edinburgh Ice Company, raising the ice game since 2014.

Bombay Sapphire

“We want something clear” they said. “We want something blue” they said. “You’ve come to the right place” we said. The Floating Bluebells suspended in Edinburg Ice soon to be drenched in Bombay Sapphire Gin. Perfect.

Colonel Fox

Liquorice root & lemon peel – the heart of Colonel Fox Gin. This outrageously awesome combo provides an incredible citrusy, fruity sweet burst of aroma and flavour from the oils and raw liquorice root in the ice.


Fresh bamboo leaves smothered in ice for the Kyoto Distillery. Making your gin look, well, goddam awesome. Served as part of World Gin Day at the Hoxton, London. You are welcome.

Compass Box Whisky – Ice Aged Whisky

Have you ever tried a whisky cocktail aged in age? We love helping out pals especially if its for a cocktail comp. This little gem was knocked up and out of the park for the Compass Box Whisky comp as a serve experimenting with temperatures as an ageing process.

Silent Pool Gin

Using ice as a garnish as part of World Gin day, these aromatic and beautifully vibrant blocks were designed for the Silent Pool Gin serve. Aromatic notes of rose and orange zest through the ice perfectly balanced the notes of the Gin.

Hoot the Redeemer x Tales on Tour, Honeycomb ice

We were asked to create and design a unique ice cube for the launch of Hoot the Redeemer’s new cocktail the Honey Bae. This beautiful Honeycomb ice was the result which together with a Beeswax & Butter washed Dewars 12 and our very own Edinburgh Honey is quite simply, perfection. Head over to to check out what these guys are up to.